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Wasantha Duggannarala – Famed Artist

“National Youth Corps is wholly dedicated to produce a youth population with Discipline, Leadership and Personality”

Younger generation is like the life line of a country. A country’s future is in the hands of her youth. If youth is by any means is misled or destroyed, the harm caused by it can never be reversed. It is incorrect to assume a youth as an innocent, helpless being. A strong, brave youth population is an asset to a country, As a country, to have a youth population who possesses intelligence, innovation and creativity is always considered a blessing. The most important aspect in the development process of a country becomes its youth. It is the duty of all citizens to lead the youth to the right path. A country will lose as a whole in its development if that country does nothing to lead its youth to the right path. The leaders of the nation should work towards to produce a younger generation with discipline, leadership and personality. National Youth Corps (NYC), under the Ministry of Youth and Sports, on clearly understanding this need is fully dedicated towards the task of grooming of the youth of Sri Lanka, and we clearly see this happening.

To succeed in the modern times of world of work, the education with a degree, being the task, has to be changed. A skilled youth with a vocational training is far more productive to the society than an unemployed young graduate. Therefore it is more important to work towards enhancing your inborn talents, skills, or true passion to achieve goals and great heights in career to succeed life. The training offered at NYC is clearly focused on making the youth of our country to become sought after, intelligent, skilled employees / youth, enriched with discipline, leadership and personality.


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