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In parallel to the life skill development programme implemented for the Sri Lankan youth by the National Youth Corps (NYC), the ” Y” Green project under the concept of making each inch of land under cultivation has been materialized since 2021.The project commenced during the time of Covid 19 break out in view of facing the food security challenge propped up suddenly. Later on it continued to cope with the present economic crisis.

NYC accelerated its cultivation project with the government’s request of growing crops by the state sector institutes at their available land spaces.

Adhering to the NYC’s core values of Leadership, Personality and Discipline, the concrete premises of the NYC Headquarters at Bauddhaloka Mawatha Colombo has been made greener with the admirable effort of its staff.

A variety of different kinds of vegetables such as brinjols, ladies fingers, long beans, Capricorns, tomatoes, beat roots, radish and spinach have been cultivated following the traditional methods and also the new strategies such as hydroponics.

In parallel to the cultivation programme at Headquarters, all NYC training centres island wide have started producing organic fertilizer in addition to the growing crops in their centre premises.

Besides that, NYC Headquarters successfully maintains a Dendrobium Orchid cultivation and has been able to earn a considerable income for the NYC Staff Welfare Association.

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