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Youth of Sri Lanka!, the land echoes your ambition. I, your Minister of Lands, Tourism, Sports and Youth Affairs, stand before you with a blueprint – a map to conquer your own Sri Lankan Everest

Our government is forging the tools you need to carve your own destinies. Our youth policies are not ink on paper, but laser-focused pathways crafted with the Sri Lankan grit and global visions, honed to your passions, your talents, the fire in your hearts. Whether it’s dominating the sporting arena, scaling the tech pyramid, or cultivating empires on fertile lands, we’ll be your coaches, your investors aiding you to unleash the entrepreneurial storm within you.

And speaking of fertile lands, think beyond paddy fields and beyond out island shores. My combined ministries are your springboard. Tourism isn’t just about sun-kissed beaches; it’s about crafting experiences, weaving narratives, building empires out of dreams. We’ll equip you with the tools to be the architects of Sri Lanka’s next tourism chapter, the digital storytellers who’ll lure the world to our shores.

But ambition needs a compass. We will forge in you the leadership skills, certified to be recognized, respected and demanded the world over. The National Youth Corps under our expansion will transform you from being locally recognized to globally employable individuals.

Digital prowess is your sword, but honor, integrity, and a spirit of service are your shield. We’ll build a Sri Lanka where success isn’t a solo ascent, but a shared summit, where you lift each other up, brick by digital brick, to build a nation at the forefront of innovation.

Forget financial limitations as we will break down barriers and bridge the divide and ensure each youth has the tools to enhance your talent and rise above.

The National Youth Corps, under our expansion, will become your partners of innovators and changemakers. We’ll hone your skills, connect you with opportunities, and amplify your voices across multiple landscapes. you’ll be the architects, the storytellers who paint Sri Lanka with the vibrant strokes of your dreams.

Remember, you are not spectators, you are builders. Together, we are a force of nature, in our march towards progress. So, grab your tools, hone your skills, and spread your wings.

The world awaits you.

Harin Fernando

Minister of Lands, Tourism, Sports and Youth Affairs

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