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Message of Chairman

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“Grooming the Sri Lankan Youth to be on a par with the international standards”

Despite the notion that the established policies of state institutions in Sri Lanka change
along with the governments that come into power, the government formed in 2019 has
moved forward and away from stagnation and variance. His Excellency Gotabaya Rajapakse
‘s National Policy Framework the “Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour” has clearly laid out
the assigned tasks under “youth and development” relevant to institutions such as the
National Youth Corps (NYC). To carry out and implement the duties and responsibilities of
the “Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour” NYC has invigorated its operations committed to
deliver effectively and efficiently. NYC as a training institute is in its journey towards a
new dimension giving focus on training and guiding the younger generation of Sri Lanka to
play leading roles in the development of the country.
With a revised syllabus fitting for the new generation and those academic and professional
demands of the 21st century, NYC has introduced several pilot projects to facilitate this
revival. Taking another step forward, NYC offers the trainees who join for the basic course in
Discipline, Personality and Leadership with recognised advanced certificates for the
subjects, Information Technology (IT) and English they learn during the period at NYC. For
the trainees who complete their basic course at NYC and wish to pursue vocational training
are offered with full scholarships – a highlight among other benefits.
As Sri Lanka embarks on the Skills Development Decade 2021-2030, NYC as an organisation
and the principle state training institute for youth is well aware of its duty to fulfil the needs
of this national goal. To perform its duties in this transformational phase, NYC with its years
of involvement in skills development is committed to this move that will see reforms in
segments of education, career and society.
The youth who join the NYC is formally trained on Discipline, Personality and leadership
with a technological knowhow and language skills that are sufficient to meet the demands
of the world of work and to help shape their future.
As the pioneer national youth training arm of Sri Lankan, the NYC is wholly dedicated and
entirely committed to the nation and its citizens in producing productive, efficient and skilled
youth men and women. On behalf of this prestigious organization, I assure you our
commitment in this endeavor of shaping the future of the Rising Generation.

Colonel Darshana Ratnayake RSP RWP – Chairman, NYC

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