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“Youths are the lifeblood of any nation” – unknown

As the Director of National Youth Corps (NYC) it is with utmost delight I pen this message for the NYC website. 

Since its establishment in 2002, NYC has come a long way in serving the youth of this country.  It is indeed an honour to be a part of this great establishment – the foremost state institute dedicated for youth development in Sri Lanka.

With the unique training offered at the NYC, the trainees are instilled with values and trained in life skills that are essential in finding their own path in life.  In the national task of nation building and development, we at NYC is focused than never before in the onerous efforts of grooming the NYC Trainees to face such challenges to contribute to the needs of our nation. 

NYC responsibly and proudly undertakes the daring challenge of producing a generation of youth that is fit to serve the country and face a future bound with an everchanging world of work.  Discipline, Leadership & Personality being the cores in NYC training formular, Soft Skills along with the much needed Information Technology & English Language are taught as academic subjects and other foreign languages that have become pivotal in this day and age.

With the task I have been given, to pave the way for the youth of this country to achieve success in both career and life, I take this opportunity to pledge my commitment and service to the NYC in attainment of this goal of youth development.

I wish NYC every strength and courage in the journey of nation building and youth development.

Sujeewa Rathnayake USP psc IG
– Brigadier

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