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The 6-month academic and practical training at NYC is fundamentally based on soft skills & personality development. With Discipline & Leadership being its core areas of education, Adventure Based Training (ABT), Community Based Programs, National & Cultural events are also invariable and formally laid out inclusions in the learning process at NYC. The curriculum of NYC Training also comprises of academic disciplines such as, English, ICT, Tamil & Aesthetic.


On understanding the significant applicability of the English language, and the vital role it plays, both in national & international platforms, NYC has equally distributed its resources among the training centres island wide to develop the knowledge of English in their trainees. English syllabus is designed giving focus to communication, speech & workplace skills.


Tamil as a subject is taught to meet the contemporary socio – political needs of communication in the country. Trainees whose mother tongue is not Tamil show a keen interest to grasp its learning process, as NYC has introduced the most sophisticated and interesting methods of student centered interactive education to follow and practice languages instead of just chalk and talk.


Chinese is also taught in all the centres. This concept was successfully introduced in 2018 to the Dambulla Centre a pilot project, has now diversely expanded across the centres island wide by creating a as more conducive atmosphere to accommodate the students for the Chinese language


ICT too is considered as an important area under academic disciplines. It is also taught in a manner to meet the requirements of the world of work. All the training centers are adequately equipped with the facilities available to all trainees. NYC has invested with a far sighted vision to provide the trainees with necessary resources to gain amply. By introducing computer laboratories into the system, NYC has fully comprehended the fact, that being IT savvy is a life skill in the 21st century.


Aesthetic is a popular subject amongst the trainees. The subject has helped immensely in the per-sonality development of the trainees. ‘Paurashabimana’, the yearly event is a great platform for the trainees to perform their creativity to be in the limelight by displaying their talents developed during NYC training.

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