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Message of the Secretary to the Ministry of Youth and Sports

  • Discipline

  • Leadership

  • Personality

“Grooming the Sri Lankan Youth to compete with the standards of international platforms”

The nation is faced with the desperate need to bring forth a robust Sri Lankan youth to be
on a par with the international standards replete with human qualities and sensitive to the
needs of society and in turn be a part of the future development in the country. In view of
this, we must lead from the front in order to create a more hopeful atmosphere by way of
an approach that stimulates the capabilities of the youth and encourage them to think
positively to bring in the much-needed attitudinal change.
It is the prime and national responsibility of the National Youth Corps under the guidance of
the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs to present the nation with a knowledgeable, skillful,
talented and robust generation of youth. Our ambition is to produce a generation of youth
who is of a service to the country and ready to step in to the future world with discipline
and awareness. To shoulder this responsibility, the National Youth Corps is entirely
dedicated and adequately equipped as a training institute. I would like to extend my warm
wishes to the youth of our country on their future dreams and goals and invite them to
make use of the opportunity that has been brought forth through the generous efforts of
the National Youth Corps.
National Youth Corps is wholly dedicated to produce a youth population with Discipline,
Leadership and Personality.

Anuradha Wijekoon – Secretary, Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs

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