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Message of the Secretary to the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs

  • Discipline

  • Leadership

  • Personality

It is a fact that the development of a country depending on the younger generation which is molded and nurtured by the adults. The training and the education provided by the adults should not effect on the youth’s innovative ideas and their will power so as not to harm the country’s future and its development.

I think that role and task of National Youth Corps is to produce knowledgeable, competent and energetic youth generation which march towards the development of the country guided by the elders.  The fundamental strategy used by the National Youth Corps to achieve this objective is empowering the youth with life skill competencies. The youth achieved life skill competencies, first begins to love himself and then love his country. That process changes his behavior pattern and adjust to a new life style blended with love, dedication and competencies.

National Youth Corps connects number of stake holders to the youth to select their professions   according to their skills. The youth with life skill competencies join with the vocational training and ultimately becomes a Vocationally Qualified Citizen which our motherland is expecting for. The youth trained by the National Youth Corps can be placed far beyond a youth who is qualified only with vocational training. The youth cadet is well disciplined with a balance personality and exceptional leadership qualities which effect on the productivity and his efficiency. The main reason for the failures of many institutions has been identified the lacuna of employees with discipline leadership and personality.

Therefore, I hope that   the youth produced by the National Youth Corps will be an asset to the country and would bring the country towards the self-sufficiency and a prosperous country.

Dr. Amal Harsha De Silva – Secretary, Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs

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