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As a person who won my life in the year 2011 with the assistance of Nattandiya National Youth Corps Training Center, today I stand fearlessly as a strong woman in the society. The turning point in my life was on 15.01.2011. The time spent in the National Youth Corps was a time that added meaning to life. The way to behave in the society, that knowledge gained, that talent made me a woman today.

The National Youth Corps serves to provide trainees with extracurricular community care programmes that are not confined to a classroom, such as planning something, leadership, teamwork, team spirit etc.

After the basic training of the National Youth Corps, the National Youth Corps regularly provides guidance to pursue a career training of their choice. I got the inspiration for my life through that. It must be smart to pursue a goal. Then we can easily reach our goal.

As a woman, living a life of self-sacrifice has become a necessity today. At any given time, we find ourselves in a situation where no one can support us. I gained the self-confidence to rise without falling, only through the National Youth Corps. I was taught the best way to face challenges is to develop the self-confidence from National Youth Crops and I am in a such position today only because of the National Youth Corps.

“Building self-confidence can overcome any obstacle.”
Thilini Peiris
Design Instructor
Korea Sri Lanka National Vocational Training Center

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