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When I went to the National Youth Corps, I felt that there was a world beyond it than imagining. After doing my O/L, A/L under the general education system in Sri Lanka, I had opportunity to learn 09 practical subjects outside the classroom from the Youth Corps. Also on how to deal with society, leadership, patience, time management, pursuing goals, the study of society as well as the history of Sri Lanka.

My turning point in year 2005 was the National Youth Corps. I choose a job that no one in my generation has ever done. In addition to the basic training, things like Information Technology and English that were given to us were the motivation factors to move here in my life.

The National Youth Corps is the only place where they can sharpen their own talents. I didn’t enter the University. But I have heard and seen. However, a practical world that goes beyond that university world could observe inside here. You can’t move forward without falling. Every time fell in life, I had the opportunity to learn one lesson from here.

If you don’t have a goal about higher education after doing O/L, A/L, then don’t go crazy dancing at home. Go to the National Youth Corps. That’s the only place. It will create a goal for you. That will motivate you to pursue that goal. That journey will be difficult and time consuming. However, one day you will win. If there is such a place, the National Youth Corps is the only place.

Nivithigala National Youth Corps
Menaka Madushan Kulatunga
Area Resident Manager_ Tear Drops Hotels

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