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Chandana Wickramasinghe – Celebrated Performer

“ A Nation’s future is dependent on it’s youth ”

It is safe to say that the future of a country is its youth; therefore the youth should be an empowered population. The younger generation as the future of a country should not only possess knowledge and personality but discipline too. Sri Lanka as a country is technologically and otherwise ready to cater to the needs of its youth. The present-day youth have numerous careers and professions to choose from. However the decisions should be made wisely and correctly when choosing one’s path. It is noted that the modern youth shows interests in many different fields, even in art and sport. However it is important to identify one’s actual ability and the true passion to follow ones path accordingly. Following one’s passion will lead to success. To achieve goals, the youth need to research, on both local and international sources to gain the much-needed skills in their relevant/ interested fields of profession/career. The youth is a thinker, creator and an inventor. The youth of this generation has come a long way with novel creations and inventions. To lend a hand to our youth, several organizations and institutions have been established in the country from both, private and public sectors. National Youth Corps (NYC) is also an organization established for the purpose of youth development. NYC’s training based on discipline and personality shows that the organization as a youth training institute has a clear vision on achieving the task of grooming the youth of Sri Lanka. In this technologically advanced era, the world is moving forward and to be on a par with this changing process our youth should also be ready to face those challenges confidently. To face such challenges, the youth should have a clear vision, proper guidance and the right leadership. It is indeed the best and the wisest choice for our youth to join NYC to achieve their goals and succeed both in life and career as men and women of discipline, personality and leadership.

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